On a crisp, Autumn morning nature stands at attention. Foliage is in full bloom with brilliant reds and yellows. The hounds gather at your feet, big eyes looking up at you in anticipation, sterns wagging all around, heat rising from their bodies. Your horse snorts in excitement as his breath rises against the blue sky. All of the worries in your life disappear as you breathe deeply the smell of leather, creaking as you mount up. Adrenaline begins to pulse in your veins. You feel alive. The music from the Huntsman's horn calls the pack to him. There is nothing so stirring to the blood.

Riding to Hounds is about camaraderie and enjoying your fellow hunter. Riding to Hounds is about following a fine pack of hounds across beautiful country. It is a lifestyle where you can enjoy your horse, the great outdoors and the company of others. It is not about competition or steeplechasing. Tradition and structure are essential components to the experience.

We welcome all who love horses, hounds and the open countryside. Riders of all ages and disciplines are invited. Those interested in observing a hunt from terra firma are welcome to follow on foot, on bicycle or in your vehicle.

Guilford Hounds is a Private Pack located in the Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire, our passion for our hounds and horses, as well as our hunt country, crosses three state lines into Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.