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Welcome to drag hunting with Guilford Hounds!

If you have never ridden to hounds before, those antique hunt prints that have adorned walls throughout history are about to take on a whole new meaning. For most people, a brisk morning, fresh horses, and baying hounds are indeed a life-changing experience.

We hope that your experiences with us are invigorating and inspiring and simulate as closely as possible the sport of foxhunting. Drag hunting has, in fact, been a part of foxhunting for centuries. In areas where territory is limited, full advantage can be taken of the lay of the land. Natural and man-made obstacles can be utilized, and a safer run for hounds can be followed.

Below are links to information that will explain Foxhunting in plain terms, as well as dispel the myth that it is a sport for only extremists. Still have questions? Contact one of our Officers.

What is Drag Hunting?
How do I start?
What do I wear?
Where do I go?